Our team isn’t about hierarchy. We’re not about showing one another up or making sure our idea is heard the loudest. We’re not in it for the personal accolades or the credit.

We are friends who respect and admire each other wholly: our work ethic, our dedication, our integrity, and our mutual drive to see positive change to the election system through the work that we’re doing. We’re in it with each other; we’re in it for your election.

Nick Spanos – Chief Executive Officer

bio-nickNick developed his first computer at the age of 13 and has been a technology pioneer ever since.  Amongst the first software developers within the blockchain technology industry, he began both Bitcoin Center NYC and Blockchain Technologies Corp.

Along with his technology ventures, Nick boasts a successful 25+ year career in Real Estate as well as event and election management. He founded the political consulting firm Public Appeal in 1990, where his expertise in the political sector has served elected officials, national political parties and non-governmental organizations. His consultancy has included the Bush Administration, the New York Libertarian Party, the FBI’s Manhattan branch, and the 2016 Holy Council, where he orchestrated the entire multi-day event for the 12 global patriarchs of the Orthodox Church.

His consulting experience revealed a fundamental need for transparency within our election system. Motivated by this need and his lifelong passion for technology, Nick founded VoteWatcher in 2014 with a vision of zero trust, secure and reliable elections.

A long-island native, Nick lives in Manhattan with his family, with whom he proudly upholds his Greek heritage through language, faith and a deep appreciation for trust and integrity in entrepreneurship.

Peter G. Mikkelsen – Chief Operating Officer

bio-peterWith a background in politics and a passion for progressing civil liberties and transparency within the political system, Peter is dedicated to the advancement of VoteWatcher’s mission – to see complete transparency in modern elections.

Peter founded the Copenhagen Blockchain Center in 2014, where he practiced blockchain consulting before joining forces with Nick to develop VoteWatcher.

A graduate of Copenhagen Business School, he holds degrees in International Business and Politics and has undergone business development training from Mckinsey and Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Accenture.

You can reach Peter directly at peter@votewatcher.com


Ben Young – Communications Director

bio-benBen has been passionately following Bitcoin’s development since 2013 and working in the industry since 2014, when he began managing the marketing and public relations for Bitcoin Center NYC. Ben transitioned from Bitcoin Center NYC to Blockchain Technologies Corp. in late 2015 and has been working on the VoteWatcher blockchain voting project ever since. He graduated from C.U.N.Y. Baruch College with a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Corporate Communications.

You can reach Ben directly at ben@votewatcher.com



Amy Dahmen – Communications Associate

bio-amyAn appreciate for authentic narrative and a passion for affecting positive change motivate Amy as a communications professional. She has served on communications teams for Gonzaga University, Meals on Wheels Association of America, 4-H, and International Justice Mission (New Delhi field office). With a belief that every human has a right to have their voices heard without fear of corruption, she is dedicated to advancing VoteWatcher’s mission of honesty, integrity, and transparency within our election system.
Hailing from the Pacifc Northwest, Amy graduated with a BA in Public Relations (suma cum laude) from Gonzaga University in 2014 and has lived and travelled extensively in Italy, India and Peru. In addition to her experience with communications, Amy is passionate about education and holds an advanced teaching certification from Yoga Alliance International, a STARS early childhood teaching certification, and a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification from Gonzaga University. She looks forward to applying her education experience to VoteWatcher and educating partners about the company and the services we are pioneering.

You can reach Amy directly at amy@votewatcher.com

Marc Proferes – Analyst

Marc is currently pursuing a B.Sc. degree in Political Science and Psychology from Suffolk University. He possess broad experience within Political Consultancy, and has learned about blockchain technology through his independent research.