Blockchain Technologies Corp. Conducts 10th GOP Debate Straw Poll using Blockchain Voting System

By February 25, 2016Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: 2/25/2016

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Trump Voted Winner of 10th GOP Presidential Debate by One Vote

NEW YORK — Blockchain Tech Corp. conducted a straw poll of Thursday night’s CNN GOP Presidential Debate held at New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club in a post-debate watch party. Trump edged out Cruz by just one vote, and Rubio was not far behind in what was an almost three-way tied debate.

The voting technology employed to conduct the straw poll utilizes the security features of the “blockchain” — the groundbreaking new technology underlying the digital currency Bitcoin. This innovation enables the company to conduct secure, tamper resistant elections by using the blockchain as a high-tech audit trail to ensure voting records are transparently verifiable and all votes are unique.

The poll was a follow up to earlier polls held at the club also conducted by Blockchain Apparatus at each of the previous GOP debates. Executives with Blockchain Technologies Corporation say the company is currently servicing labor Union elections and will continue to showcase its ground breaking voting technology throughout the 2016 election cycle.

Participants in the poll were asked: “who do you think won tonight’s debate?” Out of 42 participants, Trump received the most votes with 14, but Cruz came in second place in a virtual tie with 13 votes. Rubio came close to making it a three-way tie and brought in 9 votes.

Below are the official results from the CNN GOP Presidential Debate straw poll conducted at the New York Metropolitan Republican Club:

Donald Trump 14
Ted Cruz 13
Marco Rubio 9
John Kasich 5
Ben Carson 1

Blockchain Technologies Corp. is a part of Global Arena Holding Inc (GAHC: OTC US). They are working to bring modern technology and transparency to the election process. The company has filed a non-provisional utility patent titled ‘System and Method For Securely Receiving And Counting Votes In An Election’ – Application #14820530.

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