Blockchain Technologies Corp. Makes History, Records 2016 Iowa Caucus Results On The Blockchain

By February 5, 2016Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: 2/05/2016

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2016 Iowa Caucus Results Forever Documented on Blockchain

Behind the intense politics of the 2016 Iowa Caucuses was a groundbreaking tech story. Microsoft may have dominated headlines with their voting app provided to the Democratic and Republican parties, but unknown to most, another tech company made history.

Blockchain Technologies Corp., working with the Rand Paul campaign, has recorded the raw reporting results of Iowa caucus precinct captains onto the blockchain, the world’s most secure method of information safekeeping. Results were reported to and the links to the official blockchain records are available there as well. This is the first time that government election results were recorded onto the blockchain and it signifies a new paradigm in elections transparency.

The blockchain is the open source peer to peer internet database with publicly viewable, signed-and-timestamped records that cannot be manipulated, modified, or deleted once entered. In other words, it is the perfect tool to transparently record votes in a tamper-proof way.

The voting records recorded on the blockchain the day of the election cannot be manipulated later if and when an audit or recount is ordered. The permanent, timestamped blockchain records ensure any information added after the election would stand out as such. Auditors would have no difficulty determining if additional records were added later and inquire as to why.

It is an unfortunate reality that ballot boxes can get stuffed and other forms of electronic records can be doctored; and this diminishes the confidence in elections on which democracy relies. Fraud of this kind is mathematically next to impossible under blockchain–based vote tallying. The blockchain will ensure 100% confidence in the way votes are recorded and tallied.

The 2016 Iowa Caucuses were, inarguably, a historic moment. The Democratic party was split by less than 1%! In such a close race, blockchain-based voting records can eliminate any questions of accuracy. It is easy to imagine a future where all election results are posted onto the blockchain. Blockchain Technologies Corp. is privileged to usher in this brave new era of democracy.

Blockchain Technologies Corp. is a tech startup focusing on creating solutions for real world issues using blockchain technology, located in New York, NY. The product created to record election results onto the blockchain is called More information about blockchain voting records and other exciting projects can be found at

To contact the company directly please email [email protected] or call 917-515-5355.

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