We offer an array of customizable election services with our blockchain voting solutions at their core. Our team has decades of accumulated experience in politics and elections. We are always happy to provide more information about how we can serve you and your constituents!

Mail-In Election

From ballot creation and dispersal to collection and tallying, we see your mail-in election through from beginning to end.

  1. We work with you to design and create custom ballots tailored to meet the needs of your election
  2. We mail ballots to each voter with a pre-addressed return envelope including an additional secret ballot envelope to protect identity, if required
  3. Voters return ballots to a specified location, typically ballots are held at the post office until it is time to tabulate the results
  4. Ballots are collected and brought to the counting location of your choice where observers can watch the vote counting process
  5. Once ballots are counted, we certify and notarize the results and provide you with a detailed election report

On-Site Election

Whether you want to use paper ballots or a touchscreen tablet, we come to your annual meeting or other location where your election will be held and take care of the election process from beginning to end.

  1. We will verify eligible voters based on your list
  2. We hand out and collect ballots or facilitate voters using a touchscreen solution
  3. If paper ballots are used, observers are able to watch as we scan each ballot
  4. Once voting has ended and ballots have been scanned, we certify and notarize the results and provide you with a detailed report

Online Election

Online elections are convenient and shown to improve voter turnout. Our solution works on phones, tablets, and computers.

  1. Voters receive a unique code via mail or email that allows them to access a polling website to cast their vote
  2. If secrecy is required, all identifying information will not be recorded – you can see who voted but now how they voted

Backed By Blockchain

All of our election services use the blockchain to enable radical transparency.

The blockchain is a new database technology using a global network of computers to create records that cannot be altered or deleted; enabling a secure and permanent record of election data.

Learn more about how blockchain technology is sure to change elections on our blog.