Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Blockchain Technologies Corp?
    • Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BTC) is an innovative tech startup focusing on the applications of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to solve real world problems in unique and effective aways.
  • What kind of projects is BTC working on?
    • We are currently focusing on our blockchain voting machine technology called VoteWatcher, but they¬†also develop a line of Bitcoin ATMs that are on display at Bitcoin Center NYC and are working on developing other exciting blockchain-based projects that are not yet ready for prime-time. Keep checking our website and blog for more developments as they happen!
  • How does the blockchain improve voting machines?
    • The blockchain provides a transparent, objectively verifiable audit trail of election records. We believe the blockchain can do more to improve the integrity and trust in elections than any technology to come before it and we are working hard to make the blockchain an integral part of elections around the world!
  • What is the blockchain?
    • The blockchain is a technology that comes from the digital currency Bitcoin. Although many people are just learning about Bitcoin and see it purely as an online payment method, the technology — blockchain — that enables it to be a decentralized, global currency with no central bank or organization behind it has many potential applications beyond currency. What makes Bitcoin (and the blockchain) truly unique and powerful is the way it enables an open network of computers to agree on which transactions are valid without needing to trust each other, just the software itself, which is open source and inspectable by anyone and everyone.
    • Once data, such as election results, are entered into the blockchain, they are timestamped and cannot be altered or deleted. With the right system in place — such as the one we are developing — election data will be uploaded as soon as the election is over, and any records added after the fact will stick out like a sore thumb.