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VoteWatcher’s mission is to bring complete transparency to the modern electoral system and empower every voice by providing the most technologically advanced, reliable and secure voting mechanism in the world. Learn more about our team here.

Cutting Edge Blockchain Voting System

Blockchain Technologies Corp. has developed a voting system for the 21st century. We call it VoteWatcher. It is focused on transparency and efficiency. All of the code is open source or available for inspection. It runs on off-the-shelf hardware. Simple paper ballots make it easy for the voter. Detailed election records are posted online and on the blockchain. Every step in the process is highly auditable.

We serve co-ops, corporations, governments, labor unions, and anyone else that requires fair, transparent elections. Learn more about our election services and corporate proxy voting systems.

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You can find more information about how our voting machine works and the rationale behind our design decisions on our blog.

Are you interested in using our technology in your next election? We work with unions, businesses, governments, co-ops, and any other organization that holds elections. Contact us for more information.

Complete Voting System

The technology we have developed includes custom generated ballots that contain unique (non-identifying) tokens in the form of a QR code to prevent the same ballot from being scanned twice. The tokens also serve to unlock a “vote unit” once scanned by the voting machine that is transferred to their choice candidate on a blockchain, which is how  votes are recorded and tallied in real time.

Multiple Audit Trails

We employ multiple methods to allow for a complete audit of the election. First, we use paper ballots to vote. Physical records that can be compared with the electronic tally are essential. Before our voting machines are connected to the network, all data from the election are burned on to a write-once DVD. Finally, timestamped blockchain records are created for every scanned ballot. In the event of a re-count, the blockchain data can be used to expose tampering with the ballots themselves and vice-versa.

Built For Transparency

Everything about the VoteWatcher system is designed to create the most trustworthy voting experience possible. Trust in an election begins and ends with transparency. Aside from the audit trails of the votes themselves, our voting machines are also made with off-the-shelf hardware and open source/source available software. There are no black-box proprietary parts. Everything is available for review by anyone.

I was very impressed with your services and greatly appreciated how much you all went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the success of our elections and our convention.

Kurt Hildebrand - Fmr. Chairman, Libertarian Party of Texas

Blockchain Technologies Corp. ran the most transparent poll I have ever been involved with. I think what they bring to the voting process is the future of free and open elections.

Jeff Goolsby, NY Metropolitan Republican Club

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“We are working to bring innovative solutions to real world problems using blockchain technology. The blockchain provides unparalleled security for our voting technology, and our Bitcoin ATMs make it easy for anyone to get involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem”

Nick Spanos  CEO, Blockchain Technologies Corp. 

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